Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Congrats Strelitzia19 (Kim)

Starting this comp back in November we have seen so many amazing entries and It is my honor to finally say Congratulations to Kim for winning "Tropical Bliss Cycle One". You have blown us away with ur amazing entries and beutiful work each week!!! I love ur use of colors and how well you make everything pop with life in each of ur photos! So I would like to share with everyone some of Kims awesome work she has given us throught out the cycle and say once again .....CONGRATULATIONS!

Winning ENTRY:

Assignment 1

(Fun in the sun)

Assignment 2

(Sun set)

Assignment 3

(Group Vacation)

Assignment 5

(Natural Disaster)

Assignment 6

(Sunglass Ad)

Assignment 7

(Romantic date)

Assignment 8

(Bikini Model)


  1. Thanks for putting this together Bliss, I really appreciate it. I am very honoured to have won, and feel very luck to have competed against so many other talented simmers :D

  2. You earned it kim! You did amazing!